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AECS has been a forerunner in New Zealand automotive diagnostics, including equipment, training, service and support for small, medium and corporate clients since 2000.

Our equipment empowers workshops throughout Australasia. AECS has a vast array of equipment and tools for your workshop. We believe that every workshop should have the best equipment. This is backed by our team of factory-trained engineers.  


AECS provides world-class immersive training with theory and practical hands-on experience to empower new and experienced technicians to become proficient and productive. Annually AECS trains 700+ technicians around New Zealand and Australia. 
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AECS technical support can assist you with problematic vehicles including cars, bus commercial vehicles, agriculture, marine and off-highway. 

AECS provides full access technical support for equipment; from our forum with a vast database specialising in scope and scan tool, and support. 

From humble beginnings, in more than two decades AECS has grown to a formidable team covering New Zealand and Australia for automotive training and equipment. AECS launched in 1999, it was first incorporated in 2001.

Our Team

Director & AECS Technical Trainer

Herbert had a love for working on motorbikes and cars from a very early age. Herbert is a mechanical and automotive engineer (educated in Holland) with many years of practical experience in automotive diagnostics. He started AECS in 1999 together with his wife Cunie. He is the director of AECS. Herbert’s diverse role as captain & chief, will find him training around New Zealand which he enjoys immensely, through to daily operations at AECS like development of new diagnostic methods to be taught during training seminars and technical support for workshops. He is renowned speaker at international conferences and is sought after for his diagnostic experience in the automotive industry.

Product Support Engineer
& AECS Technical Trainer

Paul grew up around race cars at Silverstone and his passion for everything with an engine grew from there. He studied motor vehicle technology for 3 years at a motor vehicle college in the UK before spending several years in the trade as an auto electrician. In 1997 took his electrical knowledge into motorsport, first with the Nissan Touring Car and Vauxhall factory teams before moving into the WRC with Hyundai and F1 with the Williams Grand Prix Team designing and building race car wiring looms and sensors. Paul joined AECS in 2011 and he helps develop and deliver trainings around the country. He specializes in many of the AECS products and is one of the technical support team. In his spare time he likes to fly (and crash) radio control planes and enjoys a spot of fishing.

Workflow & Administration

Behind every good man, there is a great woman.  Cunie oversees the day to day operations including training planning and administration.  Cunie works closely with the team providing insight and wisdom that keeps AECS HQ running at peak performance. Her analytical skills learned in medical laboratories in Holland are perfectly suited to solve all kinds of trouble.

Technical Workshop Advisor
& Trainer

Hamish has always been interested in repairing cars. He has worked for over 32 years in the industry and has specialised in European cars. Hamish lives in Auckland with family. He works with our customers from Auckland through to Northland  and delivers on site training and assists in making sure that equipment and training suits your workshop.

Location: Northland | Waikato | Northland


Eddie grew up dairy farming and around tractors, wanting always to be a mechanic. With a passion for mechanics, Eddie went on to complete an apprenticeship in Automotive Engineering Heavy Equipment to Advanced Trade Cert level.

Eddie has a huge experience working in Australia for 14 years with his own workshop in Perth, WA, through to technical support and training roles in Australia and New Zealand.

Eddie keeps up to date with learning new technologies and loves to be able to give back to the trade, encouraging and empowering technicians and workshops to succeed. In his spare time, he relaxes about the house and loves to travel visiting friends and family. Eddie lives in North Canterbury and serves our South Island customers.

Product Support Engineer

Lisandro previously had his own workshop in Argentina after completing his studies in Electronic and Mechanical engineering. He enjoys restoring/refurbishing cars as well as motorbikes. Weekends involve working on cars, exploring New Zealand either on foot or mountain biking. Lisandro works across several areas of AECS, including, video production, diagnostics, equipment support, technical support, calibration and service which see him travel across the length and breadth of NZ.

Training Co-ordinator

Louise comes from a Medical Laboratory Science background, working in hospital labs in the UK and NZ for the past 12 years. She brings attention to detail, multi-tasking skills and a desire to provide a high level of customer service to the Training Co-ordinator role, you’ll often hear her amazing voice behind the phone calls. In her spare time, she is involved with organising school sports and local community events, always willing to get involved and help wherever she can.

communications & Media

Mark comes from a number of diverse roles, working across a number of organisations & industries in coaching, mining, agriculture, broadcasting, media and marketing. Within AECS, Mark creates publications and content for our print, digital, video production & social channels.  If you ever watch our videos, read our articles or see our adverts, it is guaranteed that Mark is the creator.


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