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Team from AECS

Team picture from 2019. AECS makes diagnostics easy. Find out more about AECS and what we do for you.


AECS is a leading training provider for the New Zealand and Australian automotive market. We deliver the latest in automotive diagnostic training systems with a very high level of technology in the training seminars we deliver to the automotive industry.


AECS provides world-class immersive automotive training with theory and practical hands-on experience to empower new and experienced automotive technicians to become proficient and productive. Annually AECS trains 700+ technicians around New Zealand and Australia. 
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AECS provides full access automotive technical support for equipment; from our forum with a vast database specializing in scope and scan tool support. Learn more

From humble beginnings, in more than two decades AECS has grown to a formidable team covering New Zealand and Australia for automotive training and equipment. AECS launched in 1999, it was first incorporated in 2001.

Meet Herbert and Cunie:

AECS Technical Trainer

Herbert is a mechanical and automotive engineer (educated in Holland) with many years of international practical experience in automotive diagnostics. He started AECS in 1999 together with his wife Cunie. Herbert’s diverse role as trainer and research technician, will find him around New Zealand which he enjoys immensely. Like developping of new diagnostic methods to be taught during training seminars and technical support for workshops. He is renowned speaker at international conferences and is sought after for his diagnostic experience in the automotive industry.


Behind every good man, there is a great woman.  Cunie oversees the day to day operations including training planning and administration.  Cunie works closely with Herbert and our contractors providing insight and wisdom that keeps AECS HQ running at peak performance. Her analytical skills learned in medical laboratories in Holland are perfectly suited to solve all kinds of trouble.


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