In the EV diagnostics & Maintenance part 1 training, you will get a solid understanding of electric vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, and repair. We cover the charging system, EVSEs, installations, charge costs, preserving battery quality, a brief look into battery technology, battery live data analyses and stranded EV recovery. As with all our EV training, we show how to do this safely.

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electric vehicle training ev21

$603.75 +GST (without Manual)

electric vehicle training ev21


Prerequisites: It is preferable that you have completed one of the following training’s, EV Customer Initiation (EV1-1), Hybrid/EV Safety (HVS1-1) or Hybrid/EV Diagnostics (EMS1-4).

Quick Overview

Comprehensive Overview

In this training, we will build a solid foundation and discover the working science behind EV’s, the different terms used and how it all works. We’ll dive into the high voltage battery state of health (SOH) diagnostics and SOH protection.

HV Battery
We’ll discuss the chemical breakdown of a lithium-ion battery and what actually happens inside each battery cell and how the battery pack is affected when one cell deteriorates. What SOH is and how it is actually determined. We’ll look at HV battery temperature management, battery abuse, scan tool and dashboard data interpretation. This includes pre-purchase inspection, how to determine if a battery is of sound quality, and what is common fraud (how someone can reset a battery SOH indicator, and how to spot a reset indicator). 

We investigate the high voltage battery range. What the state of charge (SOC) is and how it is measured. We look at driver behaviour recorded by the ECU’s and what components of the car need regular maintenance to maintain and/or increase the SOC and SOH.

Energy Consumption
We cover energy consumption allocation and its effect on maintenance items such as transmission, brakes and LED lighting. How tyre types, aircon use, braking and acceleration behaviour, power steering, and charging behaviour affect the HV battery.


Real Data

We’ll discuss why charge and discharge values are not similar across all platforms (such as chargers, measurement tools and scan tools) and what the real data is. What’s illegal and dangerous about certain chargers, and what to watch out for when the customer purchases a car and home charger.

EV Recovery

How to recover an EV with a flat battery. Why you shouldn’t tow an EV and what happens technically inside the motor, inverter and battery when an EV gets towed. How to perform roadside charging and what to watch out for.

EV Maintenance

Maintenance is even more important for an EV than for a regular car. All aspects of maintenance, diagnostics and repair will be covered, for example, oils, tyres, electric park brake, filter, LED lights, immobiliser, 12V system, charge ports, high voltage battery and more.


Skilled Customers

We’ll give insight into when an enthusiast enters your shop with technical questions about their EV. We’ll discuss off the shelf tools and assist you to answer customers questions with knowledge and skill. It is important to gain/retain your customer by knowing more than they do.



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