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BrainBee Automotive diagnostic equipment
AGS 688 Mobile Diagnostic Emission tester /analyser

BrainBee Petrol Emission tester
New Brainbee Petrol emission tester

    BrainBee     AGS 688 Petrol emission tester.

    The BrainBee equipment range is represented in NZ by AECS Equipment.

    The Brainbee emission testers are a high quality Italian product.

    This new model petrol emission tester (AGS 688) can be carried around (just under 5kg) and ran of any 12 volt source. It has its own displays and build in printer.
    It can be connected with the OPA 100 Diesel emissions opacity tester, upon which its displays transform into an opacity tester display.
    The tester can be equipped with direct connectable RPM and oil temp probes or wireless via the MGT 300R.

    The tester can be connected to a laptop or PC via RS232, so that with out any further investment the following screen shots can be produced, (identical to the AGS 200).
    The Petrol emission tester is being used for objective legal emission tests (WoF) in many countries around the world. The tester is programmable and can there for be adapted to changing government legislation. The test protocol is a living document and has seen many changes throughout history and is very different from country to country. AECS can see the same happening here in NZ, although there is no legislation yet. Emission Testing NZ is lobbying the NZ government to try to implement testing limits and homologation rules.

    The AGS 688 complies with the latest (highest) emission tester homologation rules OIML class 0

    BrainBee petrol legal Emission test
    Legal emission test protocol

    The AGS 688 tester can be switched into various measurement modes for continuous testing mode. This is to suit the preference of each individual owner, below are some examples:

    BrainBee petrol continuous Emission test
    Recording mode, the emission test can be recorded and saved over a period of time. great for diagnostics!

    BrainBee petrol continuous Emission test
    The emission tester can be switched to 'normal mode' so it takes on the look of any old emission tester.

    BrainBee petrol continuous Emission test
    In bar graphing mode the emission tester is easy to use from greater distance

    The AGS 688 can also be used in automatic diagnostic mode. Although this will not give hard evidence of where the problem is it can be of great help by pointing you in a direction you otherwise would not have thought of. Simply follow the instructions (i.e. engine speed and pauses) on screen and read the result.

    Diagnostic Emission test results page
    The diagnostic results are an indication of where the problem might be.

    The tester needs to be used with an oil temperature probe and an RPM pick up to get diagnostic results and to be allowed to perform legal tests.
    A inductive clamp RPM pick-up can be connected around ignition leads or injector power supply wires and connected with an cable to the AGS 688 Unit. Also an oil temperature probe needs to be inseted into the dipstick tube and can be connected directly to the unit. The wires are cluttering and almost prohibitive. This is why Brainbee has standard build into the AGS 688 an arial which can receive the signals from a radio transmitter, the MGT300/R.

    The MGT 300/R can universally be used by the AGS 200 Petrol emission tester and by the OPA 100 Diesel Opacity meter.

    RPM/OIL 'MGT 300/R'

    Diesel 'OPA 100'