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MOTORSCAN 5650 Motorbike Scantool

Motor bike scan tool
New for New Zealand! Dedicated Motor bike scantool.
Introductory price: !

    MOTORSCAN 5650 Motorbike Scantool

    The MOTORSCAN Motorbike Scantool is now available from AECS Equipment .

    The 5650 scan tool has a very complete bike coverage (click here to down load a recent coverage list).

    Full Bike list

    This tool will enable you to communicate with motorbike ECUs on almost any EFI bike on NZ roads (and off road).
    The coverage is not just limited to engine control units, but also spans:
    • ABS,
    • Immobiliser (factory),
    • dash boards (service intervals),
    • Body control
    • etc.

    The tool is easy to use and is light weight so it is easy to be strapped to the bike for mobile testing.

    Motorscan 5650 Bike scantool
    Use the unit mobile if you wish.

    Be professional!
    The tool will make you approach electronic problems in a professional manner, quick and to the point.
    When you buy this great piece of equipment from AECS you can be assured of our quality technical assistance.
    We also offer nation wide technical training seminars. These seminars cover Electronic Diagnostics, please click here for the diagnostic training seminars we have available.

    The tool comes as a complete kit with connectors for most of the bikes we see on NZ roads.

    Motorscan 5650 Bike scantool
    The complete 5650 Kit.

    Using the scantool
    The tool is comprehensive yet easy to use, the manual is also comprehensive but you will find that most of the time all you need is common technical sense.
    On the next page is a simple over view of how to connect and what you can expect to see on this great piece of equipment. Click on the blue button below to see the operation of the tool.

    Using the tool

    Place your order now and lift the professional profile of your workshop!
    The low price of puts it into reach of the likes of bike clubs and dedicated individual motor bike owners.

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