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Vacancies (NZ/AUS)

This is a new catagory on the AECS website.
Since AECS operates in the top end of the industry it seemed logical to have a platform available where jobs can be found for the 1000's of visits our web page has each day from technicians.
We have this section available for our (AECS) customers, to advertise all sorts of positions available in their workshops.
From time to time we will advertise jobs available at AECS when a position becomes vacant.
This service to you is free for the first 20 vacancies advertised.

Equipment Specialist

We are seeking a young, dynamic and independently thinking person who will take up the role as AECS equipment & support specialist.
For more information, or if you'd like to receive the job description this can be emailed to you.  Please email


Product code: AECS Job equip

Price: TBA