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Solenoid Driver

Solenoid driver           Solenoid/ actuator driver + GST(picture may differ from actual unit)

The Solenoid Driver is a 20 Amp, amplifier which is capable of actuating for example the EDC quantity control solenoid on the Nissan Diesel Zexel pump.
For example ATS 801/5000 scope signal generator is capable of activating the amplifier. With the ATS scope and Solenoid Driver you can EXACTLY control the fuel delivery amount or for example the injection timing on a Diesel test bench (mechanical or electronic!) or even on the vehicle.

Aplication examples:

1) Timing solenoid valves on all Diesel pumps (CAV, Bosch, Kiki, Zexel, EPIC, etc.).
2) Quantity control solenoid valves (EDC Bosch, Zexel, Kiki, EPIC, etc.).
3) Petrol Injectors (e.g. for use in conjunction with the ultrasonic cleaner ).
4) Automatic gearbox solenoid valves.
5) ABS pump.

Consider this:
You get an electronic controlled Diesel vehicle in with a pre ignition knock, you suspect the timing, firstly you measure the solenoid signal with the scope, but all seems fine. The duty cycle of the timing solenoid seems good and is varying.
You want to determine if the knock is caused by timing or mechanical. With a mechanical Diesel pump you would change the timing, no matter what the dial gauge said.
That same action on an electronic controlled pump will not achieve anything as the ECU will compensate the timing again to where it calculated it to be.

I would connect the solenoid driver and change the timing solenoid duty cycle with the ATS scope signal generator connected to the solenoid driver and listen if the noise changes. If not, it could be a stuck or blocked timing piston/channel. If the noise does change but the knock remains you know it is not the actual timing but a dripping injector, carbon build up, oil, etc which causes the knock....

It should be noted that for a 'timed' application such as the Denso Spill valve a different type of driver is needed, which is also available from AECS.

Technical specifications:

- Maximum voltage rating: 60 V
- Maximum current: 20 Amp
- Connections; 4mm banana receptors and 5 mm eyelet receptor.
- Maximum switching frequency; < 1 Mhz
- Minimum signal generator current; 250mA (5V)

Scope of delivery:

- Solenoid driver
- 2 x 4mm test leads
- 2 aligator clips
- Laminated users manual (click here to download) .pdf File 55Kb