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29 Jun. 2009

    Air Conditioning Systems (ECAC1-1)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID: (ECAC1-1)
    Duration: 2 Days

    Air Conditioning Systems training is uncluttered and focuses on making fault finding for any technician easy. There is no need to have any prior knowledge of air conditioning system diagnostics. The aim is to get maximum results in the workshop without the need to invest in expensive equipment, while still maintaining safe practices.

    The following topics are covered:
    • The mechanical aspects of refrigerant.
      The behaviour of refrigerant at various temperatures and pressures will be explained in a manner understandable for all. Theory is no good if it is not embedded in an automotive technician's feeling.
      Energy transmission via the refrigerant and various types of refrigerants and their lubricants are covered.

    • Refrigeration cycles.
      On various different systems the full cycle is described.

    • Engine management compressor clutch control.
      The operation of the compressor clutch and its control by the engine management computer is detailed. Common faults and practical electronic fault finding methods.
      The ECU's response upon aircon request step by step is covered.

    • High and Low pressure protection.
      We look at diagnostics on the High and Low pressure sensor circuits and their function in the system, plus the system's pressure relief valve.

    • Condenser fan control.
      Fan control (ECU and direct), the reasoning, diagnostics and system description. Dual speed single fan, dual fan control, how to test and how to override sensor signals for fan system diagnostics.

    • Three stage pressure switch and pressure sensor.
      Electronic construction, signals and diagnostics. Soft switch levels and how to override the signals for diagnostic purposes.

    • Computer process control.
      From AC request to clutch and fan actuation step by step. How non Aircon system faults can still prevent the aircon from working.

    • Condenser Fan Duty cycle control.
      Full electronic control of the condenser fan speed, signal diagnostics, feedback and process control.

    • Expansion valves
      Construction and diagnostics on various different expansion valves.

    • Receiver dryers.
      Construction and diagnostics on various different receiver dryers in simple terms.

    • Super cooling condenser.
      Construction and various stages of condensing the refrigerant in the super cooling condenser.

    • Leak search methods.
      Various practical ways to find leaks in an aircon system with for example the use of an emission tester.

    • New types of pipefittings.
      Hint and tips on disconnecting new type pipe fittings.

    • Oil removal and flushing the aircon system.
      Hints, tips and procedures to remove oil and contaminants from the system after for example compressor failure.
      How to add oil to new and used systems.

    • Evacuating, vacuum hold and recharge procedures.
      Generic knowledge and how to use a recycle / recharge station.

    This seminar offers invaluable knowledge if you are thinking about purchasing a recycle/recharge station or if you want to get the most out of the unit you already have!

    Pre requisite: From experience we advise that the diagnostician has completed the AED 'Automotive Electronic Diagnostic' 2 day training seminar, regardless achieved level through other training systems or experience.

    Looking forward being of assistance and meeting you during one of our seminars!

    After Martin from GWD - Queenstown attended the ECAC11 training seminar in Christchurch (13-Oct-16).
    Martin wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "Air conditioning machine familiarisation."