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    Engine Management Systems 1-2 (EMS1-2)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:EMS1-2
    Duration: 2 Days

    This really enjoyable two days seminar is part of the "EMS 1 series" seminars. The EMS 1 series are a number of very practical but in depth diagnostic seminars, directly applicatble in your workshop.
    The EMS1 series seminars are all paralell and do not need to be attended in any particular sequence.
    This seminar is a hands on training. Equipment will be used by you on the desks, conected to operating engine management systems.

    training manual pictures. training manual pictures. training manual pictures.

    The following topics are covered:

    1. Adjustable throttle stop idle systems
      On various different systems we cover signal diagnostics and computer control, like reverse polarity and variable duty cycle. Common faults like hunting engine are looked at.

    2. Simtec (GM) semi drive by wire.
      Computer activation, actuator motor control, throttle feedback and actuator motor feed back, electronic construction, electronic control and signal diagnostics.
      How torque reduction for automatic gearbox change is achieved.

    3. VDO drive by wire.
      Actuator motor, feedback sensors, base position spring, computer control, adaption through feedback, electronic construction and signal diagnostics.

    4. Electronic accelerator position sensor
      Electronic construction of dual and triple trace sensors, reverse voltage or offset voltage sensor diagnostics and when the ECU enters limp home mode.

    5. Mitsubishi GDI drive by wire 3 wire throttle control motor
      Electro magnetic construction, position control, feed back sensors, adaptive control and electronic diagnostics.
      GDI intake manifold problems.

    6. GDI accelerator position sensor system.
      Electronic construction, feed back and fail safe system.

    7. EGR 2 wire duty cycle vacuum solenoid diagnostics.
      Vacuum EGR 5 Volt feedback system, process control and diagnostics.

    8. 5 wire EGR motor (Simtec)
      Electronic position control, signal diagnostics, feedback and process control.
      We look at Common faults and the flowon effects.

    9. Mitsubishi GDI 6 wire EGR control motor
      Electronic construction and diagnostics.

    10. Immobiliser system (dual wire communication)
      Process control, electronic system description, diagnostics of all signals and the programming extra key's (Toyota).
      The effect of wiring and module faults and how to recognise such faults.

    11. Single wire communication immobiliser systems
      System diagnostics, measuring and diagnosing all signals.
      Communication diagnostics and the effect of immobiliser faults on scan tool communication.

    training manual pictures.

    training manual pictures.

    training manual pictures.

    Please note: the seminar is SCOPE based. The first 'shot' in diagnostics is looking at what is happening with the scope as it takes the guess work away.
    The diagnostician can bring his/her own scope, or our high speed dual channel scopes (ATS) can be used.

    Pre requisite: From our experience we advise that the diagnostician has completed the AED 'Automotive Electronic Diagnostic' 2 day training seminar, regardless achieved level through other training systems or experience!

    Following EMS 1-2 is the EMS 1-3 seminar in the EMS 1 series of seminars, click here for the next stage.

    After James from Jackson Brown Auto & Marine attended the EMS12 training seminar in Auckland (24 02 2011).
    James wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "Learning how to use a scope and learning what technology will be coming through to us soon learning that it is not too difficult once you know how the system works"