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    Modern Anti-Theft Systems (EMS1-5)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:EMS1-5
    Duration: 2 Days

    This training seminar deals with Modern anti theft systems in a very practical manner.
    This seminar is exciting, cutting edge and deals with a rather neglected part of vehicle technology; anti-theft systems

    Have you ever considered the anti-theft system when you have a vehicle with starting issues or one that simply does not let you turn the ignition on?
    The anti-theft technology has evolved tremendously over the years, from a simple immobiliser unit connected to the ignition barrel which communicates with the ignition key and the engine ECU to a system spread over seven control units! We are talking about start disable, smart steering lock and engine disable. Where do you start when it all goes wrong? And how do you recognise that the fault is actually in the anti-theft system?
    Does this affects you in your workshop??

    The content moves systematically through a 2007 Nissan system with variable code. This system is the back bone of the EMS 1-5 training but we are also looking at older and newer systems, and at other brands.

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    What is the response of the engine ECU when one of the 7 control units is in trouble, we find a way to get to the troublesome unit efficiently. The diagnosis of each unit involved is an important part of the training, we look at scantool and scope diagnosis.

    We look at how each unit communicates with the other units, and get to diagnose CAN data bus, serial, and radio frequency communication. There is so much to learn from the signals, understanding what you are looking for makes an immense difference in diagnostic time spend.

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    The keyless entry system of this Nissan with its aerials, detecting removal of the key from a running car will make perfect sense to you, but also the touch sensors on the door handles.

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    The mechanical key and the remote control key fob are all that you and your customer are going to see from the outside.
    You are seen as the expert, so you need to be able to deal with the issues this system could present to you.

    You canít diagnose if you donít know how it works. We will turn every stone in this seminar.

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    We will communicate with every unit with the scan tool and look at every relevant line of data, until the importance of each line sinks in.

    The rolling ID codes between the different control units, which makes up the system, are made visible, so you understand that you canít simply put a new box in the car.

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    Have you ever realised that in a simple steering lock mechanism an ECU with 2 way communication is hidden?

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    How does a smart key communicate with the car? And how can you quickly diagnose if the smart key is at fault. They simply do not like to be in washing machines and clothes driers!

    For most modern anti theft systems you will need to use security codes. You will get to work with these during the training.

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    We deal with lots of customer complaints.
    You get to solve 6 practical problems, from simply coding a remote to a non start/non unlock situation.

    We will deal with charging out for diagnosing and quoting for repairs during the practical exercises too.
    At the completion of the practical you will receive a working and pricing method for the job.

    You will be using scopes and scantools at your desk or on the training vehicle. You can bring your own equipment or use the tools we provide, whatever you like best.

    AECS is catering for all levels of diagnosticians, with Training, Equipment and Tech support. Our very busy technical help desk is our way to keep in touch with the real problems and the best way to solve the issues. It helps us improve and create training seminars like the EMS 1-5. You wonít be bombarded with hours of boring theory, nor are we doing speed training. Our training is practical and most of all FUN.
    Hope to see you in one of our seminars this year!

    After Ryan from MTech Autoworks Ltd attended the EMS15 training seminar in Christchurch (10 06 2015).
    Ryan wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "EIS for Mercedes operation."

    Please note: the seminar is SCOPE and SCAN TOOL based. The first 'shot' in diagnostics is looking at what is happening with the scope as it takes the guess work away, however coding keys and identifying ECU's is done with the scantool.
    The diagnostician can bring his/her own scope and scan tool, or our high speed dual channel scopes (ATS) and scan tools can be used.

    Pre requisite: From experience we strongly advise that the diagnostician has completed the AED 'Automotive Electronic Diagnostics'   two day training seminar, regardless achieved level through other training systems or experience!

    Following EMS 1-5 is the EMS 1-6 seminar, click here for the next stage.