Automotive Training


29 Jun. 2009

    Chip Programming (EMS2-1)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID: EMS2-1
    Duration: 2 Days

    This seminar is technical and set at a very high level, it is advised that you have completed EMS1-1 throught to EMS 1-6.

    The following topics are coved in Chip Programming (EMS2-1):

    1. Serial data diagnostics.
      Live data, chip programming, debug.
      How to setup and connect the electronics before a chip can be programmed, plus understanding electronic noise cancellation.

    2. Engine management manipulating software programing, from scratch.
      Write closed loop software and make it work in a simulator.
      Upload and make the software work for real in a chip driven circuit.
      We are building for example an Airmass sensor recalibration software and circuit, timed switching software and circuit, Duty cycle controlled actuator software and circuit, E-OBD rear oxygen sensor simulating software, etc.

    3. Building of usefull electronic circuits to simulate and override engine management signals.
      Drive high current actuators with very low (chip) currents.

    As an diagnostician I found this knowledge absolutely invaluable for understanding and being able to manipulate and diagnose any computer controlled electronic circuit. This knowledge takes away the need to have data for every single measurement you make, as it has made you understand what happens in the ECU.

    After Jeremy from DC Trial Ltd attended the EMS21 training seminar in Auckland (18 07 2012).
    Jeremy wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "Good overall. Knowing that if one day I needed I can change signal outputs."

    Please note: the seminars are of a very high level. The participants will be diagnosticians who have been succesfull in the industry for a long time and have attended at least all EMS 1 seminars.
    The EMS 2 seminars run parallel with the DMS 2 seminars. They will be conducted simultaniously as the content has many similarities. The seminars initially will be held at AECS' own training facilities in Hastings.