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    Hybrid & EV Safety (HVS1-1)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:HVS1-1
    Duration: 3 Hours

    Modern vehicles are seeing an increased amount of electrification in form of hybrid, full electric and KERS systems. Be confident around these systems and know how to keep yourself safe in the workshop.

    This Hybrid & EV Safety course covers:

    1. The risk to you and your co-workers when exposed to high voltages and currents

      training manual pictures.

    2. System overview of the most common hybrid vehicles on New Zealand roads
    3. The three phase motor and voltages present during operation

      training manual pictures.

    4. On board safety features are explained, how do they work and why
    5. Checking to see if your measurement equipment is safe to use around high voltage sources and the correct way to measure high voltages

      training manual pictures.

    6. Safe operating procedures are explained and put into practical use when dismantling a battery pack

      training manual pictures.

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      Following the HVS1-1 is the EMS1-4, click here for the descriptor.

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