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    Scan Tool - Level 1 (SCAN1-1)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:SCAN1-1
    Duration: 2 Days

    Have you ever not quite understood, or questioned the data of a scan tool, do you use the scanner just as a code reader?

    Get the most out of your own diagnostic equipment!

    This seminar will provide you with an in depth explanation of how a scan tool works, and how you can get as much information as possible out of a scan tool
    (please note, there is no special focus on any brand of tool). You will come away from this seminar with a thorough foundation of scan tool technology.

    Please refer to our flow diagram where this seminar fits in our proposed study path.

    training manual pictures.

    The following topics are covered in depth:

    • The building up of communication between Scan tool and ECU.
      - How the ECU and Scantool go about starting their communication, and what can go wrong. What will you as an operator see and notice?

    • Data flow and exchange
      - The question and answer game between the scan tool and the ECU.
      - Priorities and communication disruption.

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    • Scan tool configuration comparison
      - PC based, vs hand held, vs wireless scan tools. Advantages and disadvantages.

    • Communication differences
      - the value of (E-)OBD(2) vs OEM communication. Comparing live data values and lines.

      training manual pictures.

      training manual pictures.

    • Fault codes OEM vs OBD
      - When are codes displayed with OEM and when not with OBD.

    • Scan tool library
      - How to recognise that you have selected an incorrect data conversion table (e.g. selected the incorrect vehicle, scantool faults, etc.).
      - Interpreting live data lines with absolute skill.

    • Updating
      - Updating scantool software, the changes in your tool throughout updates and the function of an application list.

    • Fault codes setting procedures in the ECU
      - Direct faultcode setting procedure, where the code has a direct relation to the actual fault.
      - Indirect fault code setting procedure, where the code is set as a result of a plausibility fault.
      - Adaption fault code setting procedure, and the diagnostic meaning.

      training manual pictures.

    • Refresh rate
      - Live data update rates, and data recording delays with a view of interpreting live data recordings.

      training manual pictures.

    • Module coding/reflashing/updating
      - Coding ECUís in the car and knowing the difference between coding and flashing. When and why are ECUs reflashed, the sense and nonsense.

    • Key programming
      - A brief explanation of how to code a key.

    • OBD readiness codes
      - A brief explanation of the OBD readiness monitor.

    You can use our equipment or bring your own. You will be using scan tools hands on. We will look at common faults and discuss real problem cases.

    After Bruce from Waimamaku Service Station attended the SCAN1 training seminar in Whangarei (5 11 2013).
    Bruce wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "Learning about fuel trims and live data."