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    Scan Tool - Level 2 (SCAN1-2)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:SCAN1-2
    Duration: 2 Days

    Are you a proficient user of the scan tool, but still have a feeling that you could do better?
    In this two day seminar, we take scantool use to the next level.

    Get the most out of your own diagnostic equipment!

    The SCAN 2 course is designed as a follow up course for those that have completed the SCAN 1 course, or are already a diagnostic force to be reckoned with.
    The Course is written around the Launch professional series scan tools (Pro 2 and 3), but is NOT limited to any other brand scan tool.

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    This course covers:

    1. How to access online workshop manuals from your tool.
      Workshop manuals and ECU programming guides are available. How to get into the Launch data base with a valid subscription.
    2. How to use the PIN code security access generator.
      We use the Nissan PIN code generator for key coding as an example.

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    3. How to load preselected vehicles from the history log.
      The log can be a huge time saver if used correctly

    4. Battery coding in BMW.
      Modern regenerative braking vehicles cannot have the battery ‘just’ changed when flat! Back ground and ‘how to’.

    5. Live data recordings, store, retrieve, upload and download for support.
      The AECS technical support forum is a powerful tool, certainly with the aid of live data recording can we ‘look over’ your shoulder.

    6. Wireless Printing.
      Via your WiFi Network onto your own printer.

      training manual pictures.

    7. How to update and ‘down date’ the tool to get access to certain functions.
      Sometimes certain function are altered while you are used to the old way, easy to ‘down date’ the tool back to where it was. You just need to know how.

    8. VIN scan.
      VIN Scan is an easy and quick way to access all systems on the car without having to select vehicle details.

    9. Diagnose recordings, practical study cases.
      A whole bunch of live data recordings are loaded on a separate forum, for you to diagnose and learn from in a class room situation.

    The practical part of this training is a really nice part where late model vehicle technology gets looked at and were the live data recording play’s a crucial role.
    training manual pictures.

    training manual pictures.

    Please note: the seminar is SCAN TOOL based. You will be using the scan tools hands on. We will also look at common faults and discuss real problem cases.
    The diagnostician can bring his/her own scanner, or our scan tools (e.g. Launch) can be used.

    Following Scan2 is the AED seminar, click here for the next stage.

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