Automotive Training



Whether you are considering a career in the automotive industry, have just started your training pathway or are approaching completion, this is your guide to specialty training.
The AECS training pathway will give you an overview to help you figure out where you are in your training, and what comes next.

In this world of ever changing technologies, the need to keep up is particularly important.
AECS as an institute is therefore an important business partner.
AECS is using its own developed teaching methods in a way that makes, for you locating and repairing faults in electronic systems efficient and effective.

Are you ready to propel your career forward? AECS is here to assist you, to talk further about our training please get in contact +64 6 874 9077 or

Click training seminars within the pathway below to read more about our individual training seminars.

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After Rob from Manawatu Toyota attended the AED training seminar in Auckland (9-Jun-16).   Rob wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: " everything was good. I picked up more things than first time."