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STT10 Car Brake Test Lane

The latest from AECS, the Car Brake Test Lane – STT10. Full brake tester with slide slip, suspension tester and rollers. Designed and built to the best engineering standards,
ready to take on all types of braking and suspension systems and can be all undertaken by a single operator. Included is our STT (safety testing technology) software, which is easy
to use and accurate on brake analysis. The STT10 is NZTA WoF approved and is available as a full test lane or standalone .

To start a converstation about our STT10, you can get in contact on 06 874 9077 or Pit drawings are avalible to size up the STT10 for your workshop.

AECS-STT45 Truck Brake Tester

AECS-STT45 Truck Brake Tester

AECS-STT45 Truck Brake Tester

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To talk to us about the STT10, get in contact: 06 874 9077 or