In our Hybrid/EV Diagnostics training seminar, you will learn how to maintain, diagnose and repair hybrid and electric vehicles. The training seminar is both hands-on and theory. Safety for you and those around you is threaded throughout the training, you come away with the confidence and peace of mind to work on hybrid/EV vehicles safely.

repair electrical vehicles
repair electrical vehicles


Prerequisites: It is preferred that you have completed Hybrid/EV Safety (HVS1-1) or have industry experience.

Quick Overview

Comprehensive Overview


Practical & Hands-On
This 2-day seminar deals with hybrid/EV systems in a very practical manner. You will come away from this seminar being able to comfortably maintain, diagnose and repair hybrid and electric vehicles. The training is both hands-on and theory.

It is important for you to understand that your own customers will be bringing their vehicles to you for diagnostics, you are the first point of contact. You need to be skilled to be able to assist them. This training will provide you with those skills.


Getting Started
To start the training we’ll begin with the foundational aspects. We’ll analyse and establish the primary components of a hybrid system and show you where they are.

How it Works
We’ll discuss how the three-phase AC motor stores it as DC in the high voltage battery, this includes understanding rotational magnetic fields in a simple way without calculations.

We’ll show you how the ECU controls torque on the motor generators, including generating electricity with the motor generators and the voltage height control on a high voltage battery (NHW10/NHW11 and NHW20).

Hybrid/EV Battery EMS1-4
aecs training

You will get hands-on with parts and we’ll share with you movies and drawings to show you how the power flow runs through the gearbox and in which direction everything runs under with various conditions.

We will show you how an inverter works and how to measure safety high voltages, this includes looking at the individual parts of the inverter and how it generates a rotating magnetic field.



High Voltage
High voltage batteries have electrochemical construction, we’ll show you in the training and you’ll discover how a high voltage battery works, how it is built and what you can repair.

SOC or state of charge is important for diagnostics, we’ll explain why this is important.

Within the training, we’ll look at the smaller 12-volt system and how to jump-start, the MG position sensor signals and take an overview of the IMA Honda system.

Hybrid/EV training EMS14
ATS Scopes are used in this training (scope pattern above used in EMS1-4 training), we'll show you how to hook them up safely. Voltages can vary from + 400 to - 400V, the 800V potential difference can easily kill.

Diagnosing and repairing the battery module comes with some restrictions, ultimately we’ll show how to diagnose and repair this system. However, we’ll show you what you can’t do, to keep yourself and those around you safe.

We will discuss in detail high voltage battery equalising, this will include cell matching, including cell reversal and effects of rapid discharge and replacing battery stacks.

Motor generators and inverter diagnostics will be discussed in detail and what can go wrong in these systems, we’ll also discuss thermosensors in the high voltage battery unit.

There are a number of high voltage systems and components within a hybrid/EV vehicle, we’ll show you how to connect your tool (e.g. ATS Scope) safely.

Hybrid/EV Maintenance
Aspects of hybrid/EV maintenance will be discussed from the basics 
such as fuel filter replacement, aircon service including correct oil types and emission testing. 

More advanced maintenance includes (and is not limited to), replacing the coolant of the inverter and transaxle system, brake replacement and brake bleed on a regenerative brake system as well as brake testing on a rolling road, gearbox oil and finding leaks in the HV system. 

Lastly, we will discuss pre-purchase inspection, hybrid/EV storage, towing and jump-starting. 


AECS Hybrid/EV Diagnostics EMS1-4


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