Electric vehicles are a part of everyday life. For those who use and work on EV’s, it has become important to understand how they function. In this training, we'll teach what you need to know to be confident to use and maintain an EV with health and safety in mind.

EV Customer Initiation training has been created for EV owners, technicians, EV sales and insurance assessors.

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Prerequisites: None

Quick Overview

Comprehensive Overview

Do you know the connector types?

Power & Battery Fuel
In this training, we will share about home and public charging including purchasing tokens via legal and illegal means. We’ll discuss A/C and DC chargers and home charging. We also look at actual charge times vs. theoretical charge durations. What role a smartphone plays in the charging process. We will cover the actual ‘fuel’ costs and calculate the true costs of running an electric vehicle.

Engineers Perspective
In this training, we’ll show you through the eyes of an engineer, how to interpret data the car displays to the driver. We will show you how to get the most efficiency out of an EV and the importance of driving smart. Simple science and some misconceptions, including the many that are on the internet. 


HV Longevity
What affects the SOH of an HV battery and how the driver with simple instructions can increase the longevity of the battery. We believe it is not hard to get a long life out of a high voltage battery. What to look for when purchasing an EV, and what is common fraud.

HV Battery Consumption
We look at different items on the car and what level of effect it has on energy consumption (SOC and SOH). We’ll discuss professional maintenance on items such as aircon service, wheel alignment, oil changes on the transmission, brake maintenance, and LED lighting.

Flat HV Battery
Do you know what will happen when you or your customer’s high voltage battery runs out? How do you recover the vehicle? There are some pointers you need to know. We’ll show you what happens when the high voltage (HV) battery goes flat and how to recover the vehicle, and what options you’ll have.

For owners of an electric vehicle, we will review what maintenance an EV needs and background on each maintenance item, so you as the vehicle owner can hand over the car to the workshop with confidence knowing what needs to be completed and why. 

Geek Out
Some EV owners love the metrics that can be read by off the shelf tools. We go into how to read and understand the information behind these tools.


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