This EV Battery Diagnostics and Repair seminar is super hands-on, firstly we'll look at live data recordings and real practical battery problem cases which we'll analyse, diagnose, modify and then upload. The practical cases will be broken down to the greatest detail. This EV seminar will help you realise the capability of your skills combined with the power of your scan tool.

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Prerequisites:  It is prefered that you have completed EV Diagnostics & Maintenance Part 2 (EV2-2)

Quick Overview

Comprehensive Overview

EV vehicle training

Battery Construction

We pull the veil away and look at the internal battery construction of a 24kWh Nissan Leaf Gen2 battery and a Renault Zoe 40kWh battery.  

You will learn simple external diagnostic procedures and more complex internal diagnostics and mechanical impact protection inside the Leaf battery.



Safety is our first priority, we have added an AECS research paper made for first responders however modified for technicians. What can you touch when an EV’s or hybrid high voltage system is damaged? With the removal of an HV battery, we will show you how to be safe while with the battery out of the vehicle, we further the conversation on the HV battery in regards to water submerged battery or a wet battery. 

EV Battery Test

You’ll learn about battery analyses online. AECS in association with the YES Network has developed a full battery analyses tool online called EV Battery Test, with a database to recall the history of a vehicle. We go through the details of the EV Battery Test step by step and what the implications for the customer are when a value falls below what is considered normal.

Battery Diagnostics

We’ll deep dive into battery cell quality diagnostics using scan tool and oscilloscope data we’ll go through testing and evaluation of individual batteries from Nissan and Renault.  

HV Battery Removal 

We cover the removal and the opening up of an HV battery. We look at the cooling, ventilation and sealing of the battery pack. We cover in detail the breakers, SMRs and rush resistor.

EV Towing

We look at what happens when an EV is being towed, and what stand downtime is required after towing or pushing the vehicle. We also look at the implications of suddenly losing 12V battery power. 

Safety Regulations

We look at NZ building safety standards and cross that over to technicians, tow truck operators and first responders.

Interlock Systems

Our training will go into interlock system analyses, we inspect every aspect including where the breakpoints are and which ECU records an ‘open’ within an interlock system, and what happens with that information. A question for you: Through which means is this message communicated? To answer the questions we will discuss analogue, CAN data bus and LIN bus reporting within one vehicle.


HV Connector Lock

You will learn and practice how to remove high voltage cables and their locking mechanisms. We also look at what the implications are when an HV connector lock is damaged and how to resolve it. 


The team at AECS are here to help.  Let us know how we can be of assistance.

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