Automotive Electronic Diagnostics (AED) | Auckland

Auckland Auckland, Auckland

The AED (Automotive Electronic Diagnostics) training is our most popular seminar. Designed to give you a thorough understanding of electronic diagnostics, this practical seminar makes complex electronics simple to understand and easy to diagnose.  Learn more here.

CoF Vehicle Inspector training (RBM11) | Hastings

AECS HQ 897 Valley Rd, Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Roller Brake tester Machine Vehicle Inspector training is specific training for CoF vehicle inspectors who need an CoF test certificate for NZTA or for technicians who need knowledge on brake roller testing. In this training, we will look at brake science & mechanics and legalities around CoF testing. This is an NZTA approved training. This […]

Hybrid/EV Safety (HVS1-1) | Auckland

Auckland Auckland, Auckland

Today's vehicles are seeing an increased amount of electrification in the form of hybrid, electric vehicles and KERS systems. It is important to be confident around Hybrid/EV systems and know-how to keep yourself and those around you safe. Learn more here.

EV Customer Initiation (EV11) | online course

Electric vehicles are a part of everyday life. For those who use and work on EV’s, it has become important to understand how they function. In this training, we'll teach what you need to know to be confident to use and maintain an EV with health and safety in mind. EV Customer Initiation training has […]

Comprehensive scope level 1 (ATS1-1) | Christchurch

Christchurch Christchurch, Canterbury

The Comprehensive Scope - Level 1 seminar goes deep into the detailed abilities of the scope and shows you the practical applications of each function, plus will give you hands-on experience using each function. Learn more here.

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