2022 Automotive Technical Articles

Our AECS technical articles take you through the process our technical support team use with problematic vehicles. We look at the issues involved and share how we resolved the problem. This is an inside look, from the profound to everyday issues automotive workshops encounter.

Air-con Stop Leak Detection

AECS | Aircon Stop-leak

During our Annual service and calibration trip we came across a near new AC machine destroyed by the infamous Stop-leak. The DIY ‘fix it your self’ product used before an expert becomes involved. Read More…

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AECS | Rancid Ranger

This vehicle was presented to a workshop which is high up on the ladder in diagnostics, from another workshop. Originally came in not running (not starting) but we checked pump pressures and could not fault. Now starts OK but has

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No Go Colerado

AECS | No Go Colorado

This months news letter deals with a vehicle that was towed in from another garage. With several new components fitted already. including a new common rail fuel pump. After which the Ute still did not start. The workshop (which has

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Automotive training

AECS | Something a bit different

WORLD CLASS TRAINING IN NEW ZEALAND! “Now that is an overstatement right?” Well think about that again, AECS has been going since 2000, with leading up to that 3 years of delivering training in Africa, the Middle East and all

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AECS | E-Bay Wagon

This months news letter deals with an unbelievable case where a lady wanted to nice up the car with a new E-Bay key, it was not going, after the key it was still not going, and then it went. Cheap.

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working smarter

AECS | Working Smarter

  Audi RS5 2011 4.2 V8 FSI with breathing problems. This month’s vehicle presented to our support team was a Audi RS5 2011 4.2 V8 FSI, with crank/cam correlation fault code for the left side engine bank. The technician had

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AECS | Pumped

In this article Hamish takes us by the hand through a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) service on a Peugeot. Have a quick read, and see if this would be something you feel you need to be able to offer

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AECS | Capacitor Kawa

During the holidays we were donated a Kawasaki quad. Given up by the previous owner as they did not manage to repair it. Since then we have found many other identical bikes for sale for parts only. It is not

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Battery replacment Audi A8

AECS | Simple battery replacement ??

Hamish dealt with a case where a battery had to be replaced in an Audi. This is NOT a straightforward job, the Launch scan tool was essential for a good outcome.This vehicle has had its battery replaced several weeks ago

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