2021 Automotive Technical Articles

Our technical articles take you through the process our technical support team use with problematic vehicles. We look at the issues involved and share how we resolved the problem. This is an inside look, from the profound to everyday issues automotive workshops encounter.

mercedes gle 350d electric brakes

Release the Hold

Herbert walks us through how to replace brake pads with a vehicle that has an electric park brake. Sounds easy…right? This may sound even uninteresting, however, we thought it might be of help. Included in the newsletter is an update

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Chain Reaction Mercedes

In our latest article written by our Auckland/Northland workshop adviser and trainer, Hamish. Hamish talks us through an issue a workshop had with a broken ignition on a Mercedes… bypassing guessnostics, Hamish takes us through some simple steps to get

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To AC or not AC

Included is our latest article which looks at Aircon service, if you have never been a big believer in AC service in your workshop, it’s time to rethink. Also, see the latest in new handy equipment for vehicle batteries. Read

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Diluted Diesel

Our latest article is called Diluted Diesel where our technical support team assisted a workshop that had issues with a 2016 Mitsubishi Triton. Vehicle: 2016 Mitsubishi Triton – (KK1) 2.4L Turbo Diesel 4N15 A/T Included is a new video on

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Uncoded DPF Error

In our latest technical article Herbert shares about an Uncoded DPF Error. Here is the outline we received from the workshop that needed AECS Technical Support: We have this Nissan here with the DPF light on. The Launch Eurotab we

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Stubborn Stability Control

In this article, we look at the Stubborn Stability Control which focuses on a steering rack issue of a Prius. We call on the assistance of an ATS Scope to give us direction, it’s an intriguing article. Vehicle: Toyota Prius

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Confident Captiva

Hamish from our team shares about a vehicle that has flat performance, engine light on and a customer with a limited budget, in our story called Confident Captiva. Vehicle: 2012 Holden Captiva LE9 2.4 Read about this story here.

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Brake Testing – Update

You may remember last month that we shared with you our article where we compared different types of brake testers.This month we have an update as we came across the fact that an Oct 2020 report from Australia is being

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