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    Modern Truck Diagnostics (TRK1-1)

    Quick Facts
    Course ID:TRK1-1
    Duration: 2 Days

    An insight into modern commercial vehicle diagnostics through the very latest Jaltest Multi-brand tool.

    Detailed description of Modern Truck Diagnostics

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    Some of the contents from the TRK 1-1 training.

    1. Get the most out of your diagnostic equipment!
      Modern commercial vehicles are now highly sophisticated and require an in-depth knowledge to confidently work on their on-board systems. With the correct equipment and training we can help you to understand how they work and how to identify a problem when things go wrong.
      This seminar will provide you with a clear explanation of just how a scan tool works, and how to gather as much information as possible using Jaltest, to assist with your diagnostics.
      training manual pictures. training manual pictures.

      You will come away from this seminar with a thorough foundation of scan tool technology and how it fits into the modern commercial vehicle workshops of today.

      Just some of the topics we cover in depth:

    2. The building up of communication between Scan tool and ECUs.
      - How the ECU and Scantool go about starting their communication, and what can go wrong. What will you as an operator see and notice?
      training manual pictures.

    3. Data flow and exchange
      - The question and answer game between the scan tool and the ECU.
      - Priorities and communication disruption.
    4. Connecting with Confidence.
      - We look at the many different connection possibilities and discuss how to overcome common communication problems.

      training manual pictures.

    5. Vehicle Parameter Changes.
      - The technician now has the ability to perform multiple modifications to various aspects of vehicle performance. What are the possible implications and responsibilities that must be considered?

    6. Coding of Common Rail Injectors. Why is this so very important?
      - This is now a commonly performed task in any diesel shop but, why do we do it and what are the pitfalls. Let us explain this to you step by step.

      training manual pictures.

    7. Wiring Diagrams and Technical Data.
      - We look deep into the huge database of technical information available directly through the tool. Having this kind of information on tap can save you hours of searching.

    8. Troubleshooting by Symptoms.
      - Jaltest can assist you through the diagnosis of a vehicle with a built in trouble shooting guide. Let us show you how to use this feature to the maximum.

      training manual pictures. training manual pictures.

    9. Service Resets and Operational Data.
      - The simple “Service light reset” is now a thing of the past with manufacturers demanding additional information to be entered into their intelligent vehicle systems during services. What is this information, where do we find it and what does it all mean? Vehicle usage (operational) data is recorded by vehicle systems. We show you how to recover this information and pass it onto your own customers.

    10. AECS Technical Assistance
      - AECS can help you with your diagnostics directly through your equipment. We cover several technical cases in depth to show you how Jaltest was used along with other modern equipment to successfully diagnose a problem vehicle.

      You can of course use your own Jaltest on this training seminar.

      Looking forward to being of assistance and meeting you during one of our seminars!

      AECS is catering for all levels of diagnosticians, with Training, Equipment and Tech support.
      Our technical help desk is our way to keep our feet on the ground and the best way to find out what problems are out there. It helps us improve and create training seminars like the TRK 1-1.
      You won’t be bombarded with hours of boring theory,nor are we doing speed training (…).
      Our training is practical and most of all FUN.
      The diagnostician can bring his/her own Truck scantool, or our Truck scantools can be used.
      Hope to see you in one of our seminars this year!

      Following the TRK 1-1 is the AED seminar, click here for the descriptor.

      After Steve from Ace Auto Electrical Asburton Ltd attended the TRK1-1 training seminar in Christchurch (10-Oct-16).
      Steve wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: "General use of new machine was very helpful. Look forward to getting into using it."