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AECS Technical support

AECS technical support is apart of your team. We specialise in technical support so that you can receive the best
aftercare with your workshop tools/equipment and assist you and your workshop with problematic vehicles.
Contact with our support team can be either through, phone, email or our technical support forum.

Specilist Support for Diagnostics Tools

AECS provides technical support for Scope, Scan Tool, and Heavy Diesel diagnostics. Through our forums, you will
receive assistance from our technical team and the best diagnostic technicians around Australasia, including
conversations from the wider forum community. AECS technical support is a wealth of information and guidance that
will help you find answers.

AECS technical support has you and your workshop in mind, you will be able to:

  • Upload Scan Tool, Jaltest, ATS Scope, and Launch HD3 recordings and our technical team will assist.
  • Receive advice on where to measure and next steps for solutions.
  • Help with analysing measurements and live data results.
  • Assistance in finding data and wiring diagrams (where available).

Our support forums are unprecedented.

  • Private post to our technical team or share with the community.
  • Simple forum navigation and easy to use.
  • Notification of new posts via email (optional).
  • Search through previously solved cases to find your answer.
  • Learn from hundreds of previously solved cases.

Technical Support Pricing

Technical Support is a small cost of $275.00 +gst/year.
Sign up for technical support here.

Latest in Scan Tools & Scopes

See the latest in Scan Tool technology here.
See the latest in Scope technology here.

T&C's: Below are AECS LTD terms and conditions that apply to our Technical Support:
  • AECS Ltd reseves the right to refuse any person to subscribe to this service without disclosing the reason to anyone.
  • AECS Ltd reseves the right to cancel the subscription (upon which a prorata rate refund will be issued) to this service without disclosing the reason to anyone.
  • The technical advice is based upon data presented to AECS. AECS strives to put as much effort as possible into piecing this data together and come to a
    diagnostic conclusion for your assistance. AECS can not be held liable for any incorrect advice in any way shape or form, or resulting damages that might
    evolve as a result of our advice.
  • No refund (or part refund) of the subscription fee will be given when the advice provided by us maybe proven incorrect.
  • Opting out of the service before the term is due does not result in a refund, except on compassionate grounds.
  • It should be noted that to subscribe to this service 'just when you need it' creates for us a lot of extra database and paper work, for this reason we charge
    for 'adhoc' subcriptions an increased fee of +gst
  • Any (automotive diagnostics trained) help desk support staff member of AECS can be assigned to your case, at the discretion of AECS.
  • When the support time or number of support cases have been exceeded, you maybe be offered to resubscribe for a further 12 months or an other
    5 cases, at the discretion of the help desk staff.
  • The terms and conditions of this service can change at any time. Indivduals who have subscribed will be informed in writing of the change of conditions.