This seminar will provide you with an understanding of how a heavy Diesel scan tool works, and how to gather information using Jaltest to assist with diagnostics. You will come away from this seminar with a thorough foundation of scan tool technology and how it co-exists in the commercial vehicle workshops of today.

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Prerequisites: Workshop experience, working on heavy Diesel vehicles.

Quick Overview

Comprehensive Overview

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Jaltest communicating with a Kenworth L200

In this training, we will teach you about how an ECU and scan tool communicate with each other, and what can go wrong. We’ll show you as an operator what parameters you should see.

We will further this conversation with a discussion on data flow and exchange, in essence, this is a question and answer game between the scan tool and ECU. This includes communication disruption, we will look at the many different connection possibilities and discuss how to overcome communication problems.

Troubleshooting by Symptoms
Jaltest is smart and can assist with the diagnostics of a vehicle. Built-in to Jaltest is a troubleshooting guide. We’ll show you how to max out this feature. 

Parameter Changes
You as a technician can perform numerous modifications to various aspects of the performance and safety of the vehicle. We take a serious look at what implications and responsivities you must consider. 

Coding Common Rail Injectors 
This is a question we get asked a lot through our AECS Technical Support, “how do you code common rail injectors?”  We will show you why we code injectors and what challenges can arise, teaching you how to do this, step by step. 


AECS Technical Support 
AECS can help you with your diagnostics directly through your equipment. We cover several technical cases in-depth to show you how Jaltest was used along with other diagnostic equipment to successfully diagnose problem vehicles.

Wiring Diagrams and Technical Data
Jaltest has a massive database of technical information and this can be accessed directly through the scan tool. Having this information on hand and knowing how to access will save hours of searching. We will show you how to be more efficient with the scan tool and how to access wiring diagrams and technical data with ease. 

Service Resets and Operational Data
The simple Service light reset is now a thing of the past with manufacturers demanding additional information to be entered into their intelligent vehicle systems during services. What is this information, where do we find it and what does it all mean? Vehicle usage (operational) data is recorded by vehicle systems.  We will show you how to recover this information and pass it onto your own customers.

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Video with actual TRK1-1 training content


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