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Our trainers at AECS, love sharing their automotive knowledge. It gives them a buzz when they make it easy for our automotive trainees to understand the material worked on during the training seminars. When people leave our training room, they go back to their place of work full of confidence and apply our diagnostic training, the practical and theory, to their work.

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It’s you that helps thousands of people travel to where they are going everyday, you’re keen to get hands on, making the impossible…possible in an efficient way. 

As AECS we are working behind the scenes, making sure that you have access to world class automotive training. We’ve got your back with our technical after care. 

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AECS Training - Electric Vehicle Training
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Automotive technician training.

Each of our 35 automotive training seminars provides quality and extreme depth of knowledge ensuring you or your employees come away with understanding and confidence.  You will be impressed with how much content is presented and the many hands-on practical tasks are conducted during our diagnostic training seminars. 

AECS Training Scope
AECS Training manual

training style.

AECS caters for all levels of automotive technicians.  Our in-depth diagnostic training seminars, are fun and you won’t be bombarded with hours of boring theory or slide shows.  As all our automotive training it is hands-on, practical and inspiring. 

Every training comes with a comprehensive training manual (some with 100+ pages), to make sure you have the resources in the training and to refer to in the future.  

Automotive training online.

AECS has brought to life our in-person automotive training to the internet. AECS Online Academy now has 400+ videos.  Included in our Online Training Academy is our Diagnostic equipment training which is called – AECS Tools.

Find out more about online training & our online academy here
Learn more about AECS Tools here

aecs online academy

Automotive group training.

AECS provides diagnostic training to some of New Zealand’s largest institutions.  We have the ability and flexibility to scale with ease. No matter the size of your workforce we provide automotive training across multiple sites and locations. 

Group training is a practical way to upskill all staff at the same time with relevant content, making it cost-effective and saving time, travel, and accommodation. Talk to us for more information: 06 874 9077 ext 3

AECS Training

ERT - first responder training.

With the widespread implementation of advanced electric drive vehicles, including battery and hybrid electric, and certain fuel-cell electric vehicles. ERT (emergency response training) from AECS provides comprehensive awareness and emergency response training to fire fighters, police and other emergency responders to prepare them for potential hazards when responding to incidents involving electric drive vehicles. For further information about ERT, contact our team on 06 874 9077 ext 3.

AECS Training Emergency response

vehicle dealer & motor assessor.

vehicle dealer.
The first point of contact for most electric vehicle (EV) consumers is the dealer sales staff. Being knowledgeable about EV’s will not only enhance your sales approach it will also assist with the aftercare of your customers.  See an overview of our short half-day seminar here.
For more information about our training contact our team on 06 874 9077

motor assessor.
Develop your knowledge of electric vehicles through our training seminars, so you can manage electric vehicle claim validation with best practice and acumen. Deliver settlement outcomes with an understanding of electric vehicles and  highly communicate outcomes to your customer. For further information about our training, contact our team 06 874 9077

AECS Training


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